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It’s a great idea to buy Romeo Y Julieta cigars online if you are looking for a stick with a rich history, unmatched construction and diverse flavor. These are all things that Romeo Y Julieta cigars are known for.

It’s rich Cuban history dates back to the late 1800s when Romeo Y Julieta first established its cigar making business. Many notable dignitaries have smoked these cigars, and that rich heritage has remained intact even to this day.

Romeo Y Julieta cigars feature a medium body and a creamy, smooth smoking experience that is favorable to both new and experienced smokers. There is no wonder why these cigars have been in such high demand throughout the 20th century.


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Finding a discount Romeo Y Julieta cigar sampler will give you the opportunity to try out different brands in the portfolio and help you form an opinion on which cigars suit your taste.

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  • 1875: Boasting Dominican binder and a blend of long filler, this medium-bodied cigar is often known for the white ash it leaves behind while providing a creamy smoke.
  • Romeo: This cigar breaks the mold on what Romeo Y Julieta is known for. Romeo is a more robust cigar, which is a far cry from the company’s milder brands. This fine cigar is available amongst our long list of discount Romeo Y Julieta cigars.
  • RyJ: Are you ready for some spice in your life? RyJ is the perfect cigar for the job because it is loaded up with exotic spices for a unique and flavorful smoke. It’s also packed with rich Nicaraguan tobacco.
  • Reserva Real: Some smokers consider this the signature cigar that Romeo Y Julieta has to offer. Made since 1875, this high-demand cigar provides woodsy flavors that flow from an elegant Connecticut Shade seed wrapper. This is truly the industry standard!


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